Moving from Silverlight to Windows 8 Apps. What's involved?

Wiki by Carl Franklin (

What's this all about?

I wanted to start a wiki where developers can document the obstacles encountered whilst trying to transmogrify a Silverlight application into a Windows 8 (formerly Metro) application. So here it is. If you have something to add to the conversation, go ahead and do so. This is a community effort. Hopefully it will save time and money for developers down the road.


I propose a simple layout, a list of general topics that end up linking to specific text. Of course, please link to sources of information, blog posts, help files, etc.

Windows 8 RTM vs. Community Preview vs. Developer Preview

The information in this wiki originally pertained to the Developer Preview.
We are currently updating it to reflect the changes in the Windows 8 RTM (Release To Manufacturing) version
Look for Updated for RTM to denote whether a factoid is relevant for the RTM version.